Applied Conservation Biology Course Overview

In Applied Conservation Biology, the focus is on how people are using laws, actions, and other approaches to save species and increase biodiversity. In this project-based course, Blair Lee, M.S. weaves core and foundational biology and ecology with a variety of disciplines including  the social sciences, the law, and conservation planning.

The course begins by exploring why biodiversity is so important and valuable, including the reasons commonly used to justify conservation. The class then turns attention towards the main causes of biodiversity loss, focusing on the heroes who are working to mitigate these impacts, and the successes they are having. 

This course comes with original materials written by Blair Lee for Applied Conservation Biology. 

Each week students will learn about important science concepts that build on previous classes. This is a project-based science course. You can look for Blair to encourage mastery of the concepts with a hands-on approach to learning both in class and outside of it.

In addition to important topical knowledge, students will:

  • Investigate the biological and social factors that control biodiversity, as well as the modern drivers of biodiversity change. 
  • With their in-class peers they will discuss how they can recognize and use scientifically credible information.
  • Learn the scientific method by using it
  • Gain experience writing reports and recording observations
  • Work with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional scientific models
  • Have the option of presenting about a conservation biology success and hero

Class will meet weekly for one hour and fifteen minutes to discuss and learn about applied conservation biology. The class is interactive. Student projects turned in will be given specific, individualized feedback.

Age Range


Class Dates

January 19 - May 18, 2023

Meets Thursdays at 1 pm PST

2 weeks off on 3/16-3/23

Supply List

Texts: All Course Materials will be provided.

To interact in class: Live sessions will be best experienced with a camera and microphone. Family’s will need a Zoom account (free).

Supply List Will Be Available October 2022. All supplies and materials will be easy to obtain.

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