Build BOTS Robotics Course (Section 2-Wednesdays)

Do you love making and inventing things? Would you like to build working robotic prototypes using everyday stuff? Want to learn about electrical circuits, motors, sensors, and coding with robotic prototypes you design yourself?

Join me for a series of five Build BOTS workshops, based on my book BOTS! from Nomad Press. It's a complete introduction to the way robots work— no expensive kits needed!

Each week we'll explore a different robotics system and make a short hands-on project. Written materials and links to real robotics research are provided to help you dive deeper into each topic if you choose. They include:

  • What robots are and what they can do
  • Different ways to power robots
  • How robots get around, and how they pick up and move stuff
  • How sensors help robots decide what to do
  • How to create real and virtual robots and control them with free, online software like MIT’s Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode.

To make the projects in this course, all you need are some household supplies (such as index cards, pencils, and scissors), and some beginner-friendly electronic components. The components can be found through online electronics retailers like Adafruit, on Amazon, or even salvaged from dollar store devices — you’ll find out how in the first class!

Between classes, you have the option to keep improving and adding to your projects with suggested extra activities. You'll also get time at the beginning of class to share anything new you’ve worked on!


September 22-October 20 on Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific.

This course is closed for enrollment.