This course is closed for enrollment.

Chemistry 2 - Both Semesters in a Bundle

This bundle includes:

Chemistry 2 - Semester 1

September 7 - December 14, 2022

Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. PST

No Class November 23

Chemistry 2 - Semester 2

January 18 - May 24, 2023

Wednesdays at 1:30 pm PST

No class March 15-22

Chemistry 2 Middle School & High School Lab Class

This comprehensive, in-depth course will engage learners as they develop a deeper understanding of chemistry. It is the goal with this course to give students the knowledge needed to understand and make sense of how the natural and physical works. Therefore, there will be lessons that connect physics, biology, microbiology, astronomy, earth, and environmental science. As they learn, students will be challenged to apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of hands-on activities and exercises in class and outside of class. Focus is on active student participation in laboratory investigations and the development of critical-thinking skills.

Over 2-semesters, 30 weeks, atomic particles, matter, chemical bonds compounds, and reactions will be covered. Learners will be taught how to use the Periodic Table to predict elemental properties and the types of bonds that form. Important properties of matter, such as density and solubility, will be covered, as will chemical kinetics.

Included with this course:

  • Live online classes
  • Office hours
  • Videotaped information about labs
  • Evaluations and feedback
  • High school students as well as middle school students taking this for concurrent high school enrollment - will make have everything they need for colleges who want validation regarding this class.

Assignments: There will be assignments and activities for each week. These will include selected readings and fun videos or websites. Hands-on activities and labs are always an important part of science. Students will conduct simple laboratory experiments using items commonly available in most kitchens. I will use a scaffolded approach for evaluating lab reports, with the goal of students attaining proficiency writing them.

Student Support: I have office hours for this class. Instead of setting a time, students should email me if they need help. The instructor is available by email and [email protected]

Feedback: Feedback will be provided on all assignments.

Materials/Supplies: The primary spine for this course are course materials written by Blair Lee, M.S. They are provided with the course.

Students will conduct experiments using commonly available materials. You probably have most of these items already. A supply list will be provided on request.

Who this course is for: This course is open to middle school and high school students. When used for High School Chemistry this meets the Grades 9-12 physical lab science graduation requirement. Middle school students who are not taking this for high school credit will have a lighter course load.

A Note about Math: I take real issue with chemistry classes that are basically applied math classes. There is so much chemistry knowledge that is important to understanding the world we live in and our own health that I believe the approach of turning middle and high school chemistry courses into applied math classes does a disservice to chemistry and to students. However, there is some math needed in chemistry. And yet, should math skills keep someone from being able to understand chemistry.

My solution to this dilemma is to separate the math concepts used in the course. There is a new math concept in every chapter. There are math problems at the end of each chapter. These math problems are not woven as a core part of the text and the course can be done using just basic math skills.

Molecular Modeling: There is a molecular model to build in each chapter.

Mastery Approach to Evaluating Work in a Way that Honors the Individual Learner: I care about the learning of chemistry. To facilitate this, I use a mastery approach to evaluating work. How this works:

  1. Learners are given clear assignments, where they understand the objectives of the assignment.
  2. Instead of points or a grade, feedback is given based on learner’s knowledge and understanding of concepts displayed in answer. This is done using prior work to meet each learner where they are, not by an arbitrary standard.
  3. Learners are allowed the opportunity to redo the revise, resubmit, and/or retry their assignments.

Office Hours are available at the request of students or parents

This is a lab and lecture/discussion class.

Class will meet weekly for one hour (with an extra 15 minute cushion). The class is interactive. 

The Schedules for Semesters 1 & 2

Semester 1

  1. Week 1 – From Big Bang to Matter (& Anti-Matter) How Everything Came To Be (& Not To Be)
  2. Week 2 – Atomic Particles
  3. Week 3 – Atomic Structure & the Forces that Hold Atoms Together
  4. Week 4 – Electrons
  5. Week 5 – Ions Isotopes, Radioactivity
  6. Week 6 – Organizing Matter
  7. Week 7 – Groups 1A to 4A
  8. Week 8 – Groups 5A to 8A
  9. Week 9 – Transition Metal & Coordination Chemistry
  10. Week 10 – Periodic Trends
  11. Week 11 – Molecules
  12. Week 12 – How Atoms Bond
  13. Week 13 – Compounds
  14. Week 14 – Presentations

Semester 2

  1. Week 15 – The Four States of Matter
  2. Week 16 – Gas Laws and the Chemistry of the Atmosphere
  3. Week 17 – Solution Chemistry
  4. Week 18 – The Chemistry Mole
  5. Week 19 – Chemical Reactions
  6. Week 20 – Acids & Bases
  7. Week 21 – Redox Reactions
  8. Week 22 – Balancing Equations with Stoichiometry
  9. Week 23 – Limiting Reagents
  10. Week 24 – Thermochemistry
  11. Week 25 – Chemical Kinetics
  12. Week 26 – Chemical Equilibrium
  13. Week 27 – Organic Chemistry
  14. Week 28 – The Chemistry of Biology
  15. Week 29 - Environmental Chemistry
  16. Week 30 – Presentations

This course is closed for enrollment.

This is the first time this class has been taught, so there are no reviews for it yet. Below you will find reviews from parents and students who have taken other classes with Blair.

  • Annabelle looked forward to taking Blair’s Marine Science classes every week. She was so excited to contribute to the discussions and really felt empowered by how Blair and Alison interact with the learners. Annabelle now feels more confident sharing her marine science knowledge with family, friends and really anyone that will listen. It also reignited a passion to save marine life. Annabelle felt so proud of the reports she completed and presented to the class. That was also thanks to the enthusiasm, love and support given to her by her AMAZING teachers. Thank you Blair and Alison!!! Annabelle is always engaged and learning. I love how real terminology is used and learned. No dumbing down. High expectations that all seem to meet! Blair and Alison are so kind and really engage with each learner and make sure everyone is seen, heard and valued.  Yvonne And Annabelle 
  • Blair really brings the subject to life when she teaches. My daughter can't help but be so excited about the topic she is hearing about from Blair! Marine Biology has such amazing nuances on the amazing creatures of the ocean. I found myself wanting to listen in on my daughters class, as I LOVED hearing so many cool things about kelp, and endangered species. My daughter leads the way when it is time for this class. (and not all her classes) She gets to class early to chit chat and see her instructors and LOVES learning in such a safe, and fun environment. Colleen and Millie
  • The dog communication lab was really fun. It was the best online class I’ve ever had. My daughter had an excellent experience with Blair in the Wolves class. She was always very excited to login to each class, and came running out with a smile and tons of facts to share after each session. Would absolutely recommend it. We look forward to her next classes! Kate and Alice
  • From the student: The instructors made the material, which might sound bland and boring, super fun. Blair is an exciting teacher who is clearly very enthusiastic about her work. From the parent: Blair is very supportive of her students and was prompt with communication if we ever needed anything outside of class hours. I would recommend her classes to anyone! Rachel and Carlos
  • Loved the Interactive part. My learner is very social (can get distracted/be distracting) but the teacher was good at letting her meet her social needs and gently redirecting when needed. My daughter is very engaged in the content and enjoys the live and interactive format of the classes. Blair Lee does a great job with these classes. Erika and Hazel
  • Biology 2 has been a well structured class. The course content and materials cover the subject well and the weekly meetings have been welcomed for continuity. Blair's enthusiasm for the subject comes across strongly and is encouraging for the young learners. Sheila and Elisa

Reviews for SEA Online Classes.

  • SEA online classes have a way about them that ENCOURAGES my child in a way that I know that EVERY instructor will bring my child to life, and empower my child to work harder as she WANTS to do her best. I never worry about a teacher who shames or uses cohesion in class. That is a gift! SEA has teachers of very high character and professionalism. C.D.
  • From homeschooling parent classes to learn how to best guide our learners to outsourcing subject classes with passionate teachers, SEA Online Classes have been a vital part of our homeschooling journey. I am so grateful for the variety of subjects offered and for the wonderful team making it all happen. We are happy to support SEA online classes, where we hope to be learning for years to come! Outsourcing some of our subjects has been a positive change to our homeschooling curriculum. It has allowed myself and children to stay on target this year and I'm very appreciative of the teachers and this forum for our learning. Sheila