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  • We are absolutely loving the format, content and of course teaching in our Thursday Science Series! Thank you for all the hard work you have done. It’s fabulous and hands down the best homeschool class my kids have ever taken. C.D.

  • My child is really enjoying your class and I love how you are teaching to this age group! I wish there were more classes like this for the elementary age group you are offering! S.N.

  • I wanted to let you know that when I ask the girls what their favorite class is, both agree, it is your online science series :-). C.W.

  • My child has genuinely enjoyed your class. My father is a life-long ecologist and so my child has been exposed to a lot of science. It’s tough for me to find something interesting and engaging enough for them - and you’ve delivered in spades! Thank you! Your excitement and engagement with these kids is terrific! B. is genuinely enjoying the classes!!! We can’t wait for more!!! K.P.

  • R. loves all science and the way you teach is so engaging for my child. The hands on projects have been a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with the children. It is wonderful!

  • How The Earth Got It’s Shape was wonderful. Thank you. M. cracks me up. I am purposely not around so she can tell me ALL about it after, as that is really how she learns best, by teaching. The way she talks about you, is so endearing. She says, Mom, Blair is seriously in love with science. LOL. :)

Blair Lee will have your children LOVING science as much as she does!

Wednesday 11 am PST 9/8, 15, 22

Week 1: The Big Bang an Expansion Event!

Week 2: Stars & Cosmology

Week 3: The Accretion Model for Planetary Formation

Wednesday 11 am PST 10/6, 13, 20

Week 1: What is the Geological Time Scale?

Week 2: Reading Rock (Before & After) Before There Was Oxygen in the Air!

Week 3: Life Shapes Planet Earth.

Wednesday 11 am PST 11/3, 10, 17

Week 1: Meet LUCA! 

Week 2: Evolution & Extinction - Why Birds Are Dinosaurs but Lizards Are Not!

Week 3: Selecting Traits

Wednesday 11 am PST 12/1, 8, 15

Week 1: The Properties of Water

Week 2: The Water Cycle

Week 3: Weather on a Watery Planet

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