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Food is a great way to learn about culture, history, economics, science, and health. This class take an interdisciplinary approach to learn about these topics using student-centered and culturally responsive approaches.

Age Range:

13 - 18 (recommended)

Class Dates:

This course will run from January 23 - April 7, 2023

(Spring Break will be the week of March 20 - 26)

There will be no live meetings for this class except for scheduled check-ins with instructor


You will need
  • A computer with internet access (for downloading / accessing resources)
  • A program or application to produce deliverables (word processor like Google Docs, recording software if making audio files, etc.)
  • A consistent communication method for asynchronous communication with instructor (email or Discord)
  • A PDF reader program
  • Camera and microphone for Zoom interaction with instructor (optional)

We will use this text throughout the course. You can obtain this in print or e-book format: 

You and I Eat the Same by Chris Ying, René Redzepi, MAD 


Supplementary articles and other materials will be provided as links to web content or PDFs.  

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