The world of work is undergoing rapid changes and has left many people — across industries and at varying levels of experience — wondering what comes next. 

Can we gain some clues about the future of work by looking at the past? Why do we work in the first place? 

Monique Polak shines some light on this history and its implications in Why Humans Work: How Jobs Shape Our Lives and Our World.

Along the way, we'll practice foundational composition skills by writing four multi-draft essays in a variety of forms and topics. 

Gain Key Academic Writing Foundations

Students will learn foundational academic writing skills including brainstorming, organization, revision, formatting, and proofreading. 

Meet Live Weekly

This is a live class, which means we meet weekly to discuss the reading and explore writing tips. Learners can also interact with each other and the instructor between class meetings on message boards in our online classroom.

Provided materials include reading guides and activities to help with vocabulary and comprehension as well as writing tips to apply to short, informal writing assignments and longer, multi-draft assignments.

Practice Writing as a Process

Most importantly, students will compose four multi-draft papers with individual video feedback on rough drafts and the opportunity to revise a final draft.



Class Size: 

3-10 Learners


Class is from January 30-April 30 with live meetings each Thursday from 1-1:45pm Eastern/12-12:45pm Central/11-11:45am Mountain/10-10:45m Pacific. 

There will be a spring break from March 13-19 with no live meeting on Thursday, March 16. 

Learners who miss a live session for illness or schedule conflict will still have access to all the week's materials and can reach out to the instructor with questions. 


To participate successfully in class, learners will need the following:

  • A copy of Why Humans Work by Monique Polak (ISBN: 978-1459-827-950) (used copies are fine; borrowed/library copies are acceptable but it’s preferable for learners to have their own copy so they can take notes in it)
  • Microphone and camera for in-class participation
  • PDF Reader
  • Zoom (free account)
  • Learners will submit work through Google Drive (a Google (Gmail) account can be acquired for free)

This course is closed for enrollment.