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Kitchen Chemistry Course Overview

There is a lot of chemistry that can be learned while cooking. This class focuses on important foundational concepts in chemistry using food and cooking to teach them! YUM! Learners will build scientific models and learn important lab techniques as they learn the fascinating science of food.

  • The recipes in this class are vegetarian or vegan. No meat is used in any dishes.
  • All recipes can easily be adapted to use gluten-free ingredients. 
  • Some of the dishes in this class include cooking in the oven and on the stove. 
This course comes with original materials written by Blair Lee for Kitchen Chemistry. 

Each week students will learn about important science concepts that build on previous classes. This is a hands-on science course. You can look for Blair to encourage mastery of the concepts with a hands-on approach to learning both in class and outside of it.

In addition to important topical knowledge, students will:

  • Learn the scientific method by using it
  • Get experience with the practical and important skill of cooking important basic cooking
  • Learn important lab skills while using common kitchen tools
  • Gain experience writing reports and recording observations
  • Work with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional scientific models
  • Have the option of presenting an original recipe 
  • Engage with a peer group about this fascinating area of science!

Class will meet weekly for one hour minutes to discuss and learn about kitchen chemistry. The class is interactive. Student projects turned in will be given specific, individualized feedback.

Age Range


Class Meeting Dates

Meets Every Tuesday 9/13 - 12/20 for 14-weeks at 12 pm PST

1 week off on 11/22

Supply List

Texts: All Course Materials will be provided.

To interact in class: Live sessions will be best experienced with a camera and microphone. Family’s will need a Zoom account (free).

Supply List Will Be Available by August 1, 2022

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