Kitchen Science Course Details

Learners will conduct physics, biology, and chemistry experiment using materials in their own kitchen! This course covers fundamental science topics and practices while making yummy edible products!

Each 3-week session will be filled with hands-on activities and investigations. There will also be some activities for students to do outside of class.

Kitchen Science is one of the 4 sessions in the Elementary Level Science Series Season 4. Each session of the Elementary Level Science Series meets 3 times over a span of 3 weeks. Each 3-week Session includes important, foundational science topics, scientific modeling, focused definitions of core science terms and phrases all in an engaging, high-interest format that meet important Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Each Session of the Elementary Level Science Series has hands-on labs that have been thoughtfully paired with written materials. Materials will be emailed 2-weeks before the class meets with guided readings, materials list, lab instructions as well as suggestions for extra activities and how to use the topics and material for project-based unit studies. During the live sessions, students can ask questions as we go over the material. Then we will work on an lab/activity as a class. Classes will be taped for anyone unable to attend a class.

Course materials will be staggered depending on the grade level, science acumen of the student.

* Lab materials will be inexpensive and easy to obtain.

These are hands-on get up and move around, science classes that are fun & educational.

Dates: February 10, 17, 24 2022

Live Meetings: Wednesday at 10:00 am PST

This course is closed for enrollment.