Making the leap into early academic writing can feel overwhelming — for learners and teachers alike! 

There are many types of writing included under the umbrella of "academic writing," and it can be beneficial to take some time to really focus on learning the elements of each particular type. 

This class focuses on informative writing. Sharing information with an audience requires consideration of what the reader already knows, choices about how to organize and present ideas for clarity, and analysis to determine what is important enough to share. 

We'll practice these important skills through creating how-to and process-focused texts.

Gain Key Academic Writing and Reading Foundations

Informative writing is a key academic writing component that comes up again and again throughout learners' academic writing experiences. 

This class will dive deep into the following informative writing elements: 

  • Adjusting texts for different audiences
  • Organizing ideas for clarity
  • Choosing which information to include and leave out 

Meet Live Weekly

This is a live class, which means we meet weekly to discuss the reading and explore writing tips. Learners can also interact with each other and the instructor between class meetings on our discussion boards.

Provided materials include reading guides and activities to help with vocabulary and comprehension as well as writing tips to apply to the creation of our own narratives.

Find Individual Processes for Writing

There is no one way to write well. Learners must develop their own strategies and build a toolbox of approaches they can turn to as demands increase over time. 

This class is designed to focus with intention on the tools used in informative writing. 

Writers will get to practice writing their own informative texts with multiple drafts with focus on specific elements along the way.


Class runs from January 16-March 12, 2023

We’ll meet via Zoom for a live discussion session each Tuesday at 1-1:45pm Eastern/12-12:45pm Central/11-11:45am Mountain/10-10:45am Pacific

If a learner cannot attend a session due to illness or a schedule conflict, they will still have access to all class materials and can check in with the instructor with any questions. 



To participate successfully in class, learners will need the following:

  • Microphone and camera for in-class participation
  • PDF Reader
  • Zoom (free account)
  • Learners will submit work through Google Drive (a Google (Gmail) account can be acquired for free)

(Note: There are no required texts to purchase. Learners will receive access to links of class materials.)

This course is closed for enrollment.