Middle School Writing 3 with A Dog in the Cave (Guided)

You may know that humans domesticated wolves, but did you know that wolves domesticated humans right back? That’s what Kay Frydenborg explores in her book A Dog in the Cave.


Gain Key Academic Writing Foundations

Students will learn foundational academic writing skills including thesis statements, topic sentences, paragraph focus, and transitions. They will practice these skills through themed writing assignments based on the book.

Guided Class Flexibility 

This is a guided class, which means there are no live meetings, but there is student-teacher interaction and weekly due dates for assignments. This format works well for students who don’t enjoy live, on-camera sessions or who have unpredictable weekly schedules. 

Students can interact with the instructor and each other via the Teachable classroom and email.

Practice Writing as a Process

Most importantly, students will compose two multi-draft papers with individual video feedback on rough drafts and the opportunity to revise a final draft.


March 20-May 14, 2023

No live meetings.




To participate successfully in class, learners will need the following:

  • A copy of A Dog in the Cave by Kay Frydenborg (ISBN 978-0-544-28656-6) (used copies are fine; borrowed/library copies are acceptable but it’s preferable for learners to have their own copy so they can take notes in it)
  • Speakers/headphones
  • Reliable internet connection
  • PDF Reader
  • Learners will submit work through Google Drive (a Google (Gmail) account can be acquired for free)

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