Looking to brush up on writing skills? This writing workshop series offers four sessions with key writing skills. Stock your writer's toolbox!

Session 1: Brainstorming Strategies

Get stuck staring at a blank page? Find your ideas running away from you when you go to write them down? Brainstorming is an important tool for writers to have in their toolbox, and it can be used at any stage in the writing process. 

In this workshop, we'll learn four specific brainstorming strategies that can each be used on their own. We'll also learn how to combine them to create a writer's block-busting cycle that can get your words flowing again!

Session 2: Writing Interesting Sentences

A big part of writing is style, and it's hard to teach. After all, we each develop our own voices and preferences. 

You can, however, learn how to create more interesting and varied sentences to give you more control over your style. This workshop will show you how! 

Session 3: What Does it Mean to Revise? 

Revision is not the same as proofreading, and understanding the principles behind the crucial skill of revision can make you a better writer and thinker. 

Come to this workshop to think through revision as a way of approaching your own actions and thoughts. 

Session 4: Proofreading Strategies

The final touches might not feel all that important after you've spent so long getting the ideas of your paper in shape, but misspelled words and runaway commas can make your hard work look sloppy to readers. 

Learn how to proofread like a pro in this workshop. 

Ages: 11-13

Class Size: 3-12 Learners

Date: Mondays- August 15, August 22, August 29, and September 12, 2022 at 12pm Eastern.

(Note: There is no meeting on September 5).

This course is closed for enrollment.