What comes with the Stargazer’s Club, and how it will work:

  1. Monthly, there will be a taped science lesson with an activity. The first year of The Stargazer’s Club will follow and build on the lessons from the course I wrote entitled The Stargazer’s Notebook
  2. Monthly, there will be a live Q&A session on the second Wednesday of every month at 2:30 PST.
  3. Monthly, I will put a PDF on Teachable with what is going on in the night sky for the upcoming month. This will go up the last Wednesday of every month, for the upcoming month, unless Wednesday is the last day of the month, in which case it will go out 1 week before that.
  4. Monthly about 1-week after the taped video goes out, I will post 3 activities, one each for families, older students/adults, and elementary aged to younger children. That gives plenty of time to complete lesson that goes with the taped content before getting other suggested activities.
  5. Monthly sci-fi movie club: There will be a suggested movie to watch and we will discuss it in our Facebook group.
  6. Facebook Group: This is only open to dues paying members of the Stargazer’s Club. There will be discussion around astral events. Those are so much more fun when you have a community to talk to about those. We will share books and resources, including those our children are reading.
  7. The tools you need: This can be as high-tech or low-tech as fits your family and pocketbook. I am more of the low-tech type. I have tried more high-end viewing apparatuses, and they are rarely worth the effort it took to lug them out to watch. Even light weight binoculars are hard to keep steady without a tri-pod.

The Stargazer's Notebook can be purchased here: https://seculareclecticacademic.com/product/the-stargazers-notebook/.

You can start this course at any time. The video taped series starts with the first class on the month that you first sign up.

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This course starts when you do. When you sign up, month one is made available to you and on the first Wednesday of each following month, the next months lesson will be available.


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