In the sequel to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, readers will get to find out what became of April May and her friends – and, you know, the rest of humanity, too.

This conclusion to the duology offers an exploration of social media, fame, technology, and power with a hopepunk veneer.

(Note: This book is the second in a duology. The first book — An Absolutely Remarkable Thing — is the November 2022 Teen Book Club selection.)

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Content Note:

This book has a few non-graphic reference to consensual sexual encounters, some descriptions of violence, and profanity.


December 1-31, 2022

Live Meeting:

Monday, December 26 from 1-2pm Eastern

Those who cannot attend the live session will receive a recorded summary.


A copy of the book A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor (ISBN: 978-1473224230). Borrowed, used, and audio formats will work.

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  • Microphone and camera for live session
  • PDF reader
  • Access to printer recommended

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